I’ve just find this chair at Frontera, made by Bauer International from reforested teak. They name it BARREL Chair refer to it shape. The actual style is Batavia Ethnic (bahasa: Betawi), and wellknown as “Batavia cage chair” or “Kursi Betawi Kurung”. This actual name is refer to the Betawi ehtnic Betawi (Dutch:Batavia) at Jakarta, and the bird cage (Indonesian bird cage is surround by slats similar to the chair, without leg indeed). This chair is very populaar in 19th century and it still used in the coastal areas of Jakarta at the present time. This kind of chair produced by traditional furniture craftsmen at Jepara, Central Java, INDONESIA, most of the works done by hand.
Frontera Barrel Chair
Frontera Barrel Chair cane seat
Beautiful appearance, comfortable smoothly wooden slats. Handcrafted using traditional method tenon-and-mortise, tightened with dowel, finished and top coated with wax. Retail price 655.00 USD.

Now, let’s see the the similar Jepara craftsmen version of this chair “Batavia Chair” / “Betawi Chair”. Note that the cabriole legs of are more sturdy compared to Frontera barrel chair, but still elegant. This chair is made by Lavindo Furnishing for Habufa Meubelen b.v.. Nederlands. And the ex-factory price is 65.00 USD, absurdly cheap isn’t it?
Batavia teak tub chair
Batavia chair
Courtesy of : Indonesia Furniture – Teak furniture manufacturer and exporter. Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.